Missionary buddies

Missionary buddies

Monday, April 7, 2014

What a week!

Hello everyone!
It's been quite the week! I am worn out because we've been working like crazy, but here we go for another week. Gotta love missionary work!
On Tuesday, we went on DePauw campus for the first time. We spent about an hour on campus and we found 3 people who gave us their number and told us they would be interested in learning more. That would have been a good day's worth in Fishers! The students are very receptive and I think that there is some good potential with them.
We already taught one of the students whose name is Henry. He was very open minded and had all sorts of good questions. We haven't been able to contact him since then, though, so hopefully we can soon. I answered one of his questions very poorly, so hopefully that didn't mess things up.... I'm sure it didn't though. That is the nice thing about missionary work. We are so imperfect! But this is the Lord's work, so even though we are imperfect it still rolls on.
We were able to meet more of the members throughout the week. They are so great! With lack of a better term, there are a lot of rednecks out here (this Saturday we will hopefully be slaughtering chickens with one of the members), but I love them. There are some really great members here. Even though they are stretched so thin because of it being a small branch, they are all willing to serve.
General Conference was amazing! I hope everyone learned some good things. I want everyone who gets this to reply with something they learned from General Conference. I was definitely uplifted by all of the talks and received some personal answers to questions I have been seeking. Also, to follow-up on Elder Ballard's talk, if any of you are studying from PMG I would love to hear what you have been studying.
Continue to be missionaries wherever you are. I know there are great things happening in the Lord's work!
Have a great week! :)
Elder Tom Hill

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