Missionary buddies

Missionary buddies

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This has been a pretty good week here in Brazil. It was definitely
better than last week, but that wasn't really hard to beat. We got 5
new investigators this week, and I think the work is really starting
to get rolling here in Brazil.One of our new investigators is named
Reni and she seems really solid! We taught her about the first vision
and the Spirit was so strong as we were talking about it. We asked her
what her thoughts were on it and she said, "I could see how that could
really happen." It was awesome! She's so cool. She told us the reason
she wanted to meet with us is that she wanted to know why Mormons are
so happy. She was committed to come to church yesterday, but it rained
like crazy yesterday morning! She called us about 10 minutes before
church started and told us that she wouldn't be able to make it
because of the rain and she was worried about driving because her eyes
aren't very good. I couldn't blame her! My eyes are pretty good with
my contacts and I was kind of sketched out driving! We'll meet with
her again sometime this next week and I'm really excited for that,
because she is definitely our most solid investigator in this area.

Speaking of this area, I got some bad news about my last area from
Elder Ernest. He sent me an email today and told me Ben hasn't met
with them since we met with him last. He also told me the momentum
that started to get going in Avon has kind of died off, but hopefully
it will start going again. It made me sad to hear that, but he says
Ben is still coming to church at least, he's just not progressing past

Last night we had a fireside with the members that just live
specifically here in Brazil. It was great. They had Elder Easter and I
give a message on missionary work, and it was probably the best we
have taught together while we've been here in Brazil. The Spirit was
really strong. The members here are very supportive and they are
excited to have missionaries again. I wouldn't be surprised if in less
than a year, Brazil has a branch again. The work is definitely
starting to hasten in this area, and the members can tell too. I just
hope I can stay here a little bit longer so I can see this area start
to have some success. I'll find out on Sunday what's happening.

I can't wait for conference! I think it will have a totally different
meaning to me now that I'm a missionary. My testimony of the
Restoration, prophets, the church organization, and Heavenly Father
have sky rocketed these last 3 months! Which reminds me, my three
month mark is a few days away. Crazy right? It's an eighth of the way
done, so it's like the first lap in a 3200m. That's kind of crazy to
think about.

Thank you all for the emails and letters. I've received a lot this
week! I love all of you! :) Have a great week!!

Elder Tom Hill

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